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Amanda Keller-Grill

Research Disintermediation: How Insights is Keeping Up with Changes in Consumerism

Last weekend, my husband and I took our two little ones to a children’s museum. Inside, they had a “vintage technology” section that featured things like tape recorders, VCRs, and pay phones. After getting over the initial shock of feeling extremely old, I asked my three-year-old if she knew what the pay phone was. She looked at it for a beat and said, “It looks like a crazy microphone.” I guess, while she was technically kind of right, it reminded me just how fast things can change. Less than twenty years ago, pay phones were everywhere, with high school kids like me calling collect, to their home phone, just to say as fast as they could, “movie over, come get me.” And then, you just had to wait. Remember waiting? Waiting with nothing else to do, but just wait. Humans no longer have to “just wait.” We have our phones to help pass the time, with texting, games, music, the list goes on.