InnovateMR’s Managed Services Dashboard Delivers Project Transparency

Calabasas, CA., December 3, 2019 – InnovateMR, an industry-leading online survey sampling provider, has unveiled its managed services dashboard as part of their Innovate Insights Platform.

The managed services dashboard offers market research professionals unprecedented access to live sampling project details. The tool highlights key metrics needed to ensure project success, including the number of completed surveys, current conversion, length of interview, and incidence. The dashboard also allows users to set mobile and e-mail alerts based on various project performance metrics. 

The dashboard is one of the latest developments from Innovate’s Insights Platform. In addition to the managed services dashboard, the platform also includes access to a fully featured, self-serve sampling system. With self-serve sampling users can estimate feasibility, set quotas, and manage multiple sample supply sources including the InnovateMR panel directly within the platform. Another new key innovation is the ability to conduct incidence checks on a specific target audience directly from the platform. This gives researchers the ability to gauge the incidence of a particular population against a set of screening questions, all in real-time from Innovate’s proprietary panel, PointClub.

Amanda Keller-Grill, VP, Global Innovation & Product Strategy commented, “Transparency and ease of use were the guiding principles in the development of this dashboard. We understand the demands on time that researchers encounter, and we are thrilled to provide a solution that truly empowers industry professionals. The dashboard will provide a comprehensive and actionable picture to effectively optimize projects.”


About InnovateMR

InnovateMR is a fiercely independent sampling company that delivers Faster Answers™ from business and consumer audiences. Their B2B First Class Panel allows researchers access to business professionals including small business owners, developers, IT decision-makers and more.

InnovateMR offers cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of market researchers around the world. Their proprietary platform offers a technological approach to respondent quality management, alongside dynamic tools enabling researchers to create, track, and manage projects with transparency. For more information please visit


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