New InnovateMR Product Team to Advance Self-Serve Sampling Platform

February 11, 2019 – InnovateMR announced today that it has strengthened their product team and released new features to their self-serve platform – Pegasus.  The new core features make sampling faster and more cost effective for market research clients.


Pegasus is a second-generation self-serve sampling platform that gives users direct access to survey respondents.

Product Team

As part of their investment in self-serve technology and sampling solutions, InnovateMR has made two strategic appointments within the product solutions group. InnovateMR is pleased to announce the appointment of Amanda Keller-Grill as VP of Product Strategy and Jake Leal as Director of Platform Solutions.

Before assuming her new product role, Amanda Keller-Grill was VP of Global Client Service for several years at InnovateMR; leveraging her expertise in client delivery, sample design, and quantitative methodologies. Prior to InnovateMR, Amanda led the operations at Cint.

Matt Dusig, Co-founder & Managing Director said, “Amanda’s knowledge of surveying and sampling is unparalleled. She possesses the perfect combination of know-how, creativity and vision to steer future products for InnovateMR.” 

Previously, Jake Leal served in a strategic business development role for the company. Before joining InnovateMR, Jake was collaborating on research projects at Focusvision with Fortune 500 companies and boutique agencies.

“We are thrilled to have Jake take on this exciting new role here. Jake brings a wealth of technical and commercial expertise that is essential to support our clients and their need to have speed, global respondent access and on demand sampling controls all at their fingertips,” said Michael Anderson, President.

Product Updates

The Pegasus platform gives market research professionals the ability to manage sampling projects and control multiple survey respondent supply sources directly within the platform. Pegasus is a multi-user solution that allows for the sharing of responsibilities and visibility across distributed project management teams. 

Today, market research firms are challenged with sourcing survey respondents and delivering faster insights to their clients. Technology is bridging that gap and SaaS (software-as-a-service) platforms are one of the fastest growing segments for market research suppliers. 

Now, clients can field international projects with the self-serve platform and receive instant feasibility and pricing in both the United Kingdom and Canada. The original feasibility tool allowed users to check audience feasibility in the United States before creating a job. A pricing slider allows clients to see how a change in IR% (incidence rate) affects CPI (cost per incidence).

Clients can now identify audiences with the new, easy-to-use targeting, create census rep targeting and quotas, create custom screening questions, and see real-time updates to feasibility and pricing as they build a target audience.

Pegasus makes it easier for platform users to access feasibility and pricing without having to log-in with the Feasibility Chrome Browser Extension widget in Chrome Web Store. It’s free, and with one click, users can check feasibility.

For more information on the Pegasus Platform go to:

About InnovateMR

InnovateMR is a fiercely independent sampling company that delivers Faster AnswersTM from business and consumer audiences. Industry pioneers, InnovateMR helps market research agencies worldwide answer business questions and uncover insights with online and mobile surveys. Serving both EU5 and North American clients with quicker turnarounds and sourcing hard-to-reach audiences.

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