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The New Age of Project Management

Starting my journey in the market research industry 6 years ago, I have seen first-hand the shifts in the world of project management. I began my insights career in 2016 with Toluna as a management trainee, working to manage sample delivery to all surveys. I progressed to Sampling Executive, and from there, kept learning more sophisticated sampling practices, full-service work, In Home Usage Tests (IHUTs), and healthcare sampling in both physician and patient targeting. I have seen and worked on so many different types of survey methodologies including online sampling, telephonic in-depth interviews, Computer-Assisted Telephones Interviewing (CATIs), and Computer Aided Web Interviewing (CAWIs). When recruiting for challenging health care studies, for example, I also employed points of care methodologies, where instead of directly targeting the patients, we recruit healthcare providers to ask their patients questions within their own healthcare facilities. It is sometimes the best route for reaching participants with rare conditions. Methodologies are always continuing to advance.


The Origins of a Melting Pot: Filipino American History Month

“I’m from California!”

That’s my answer when someone asks where I’m from. More often than not, no one can actually guess my ethnicity and no other answer seemed to really fit.

I am mixed race, with a Scottish/Irish father, a second generation American, and a Filipina mother, a foreign-born American citizen. Sometimes it’s overwhelming; knowing there isn’t anywhere else in the world that I truly fit in other than my hometown of Los Angeles. My dark hair, eyes, and complexion doesn’t typically jive with Irish redheads, my white features sometimes makes Filipina seem out of the question, and my eccentric unironic use of the word “dude” screams west coast even just a few states over. My last name doesn’t even offer any hints; it was changed from “Strachan” to its phonetic “Strawn” when my distant relatives arrived at Ellis Island to work in American factories during the Industrial Revolution. And Molly? That name comes from Star Trek after Officer Miles O’Brien’s on-screen daughter, Molly O’Brien. Turns out, I am about as melting pot as you could get.