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No Secrets in Sample – Learn about InnovateMR’s Philosophy on Quality

There has been some recent buzz about a report entitled, “More Dirty Little Secrets of Online Panels.” This report, like previous ones released by the firm, Grey Matter Research, paints a rather depressing and alarming picture for the sample industry. The report suggested that up to 46% of the sample traffic furnished in today’s surveys should be deemed unacceptable; riddled with programmatic bots and other undesirable behaviors. While we don’t know which panel suppliers were used for this research, the report indicated that 5 of the 10 largest sample companies in our industry were used for the test. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that the title of this report caught my attention and troubled me greatly.


Innovate Podcast #2 - Sample Buyer Expectations with Lisa and Mark

Episode 2 of the Innovate Podcast, featuring Lisa Wilding-Brown of Innovate and Mark Menig, CEO of True Sample recently went live, featuring an extensive conversation about sample buyer expectations. 

Lisa and Mark dive into a question that has come up increasingly in recent months related to perception of potential sample fraud, followed by a discussion of overall expectations about sample quality from buyers and what kinds of questions and concerns come in most frequently in the industry.