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Are You An Imposter?

What am I doing here? I am not qualified for this. Someone could do this better. I’ve just beenlucky.” Sound familiar? Welcome to the club. This meandering internal dialogue has a name: Imposter SyndromeAccording to the American Psychological Association, Imposter Syndrome is the unsubstantiated belief that you are under-qualified for your position and individuals suffering from this mental model have a hard time accepting accomplishmentsregardless of qualifications.  

According to KPMG’s Advancing the Future of Women in Business Summit Report, Imposter Syndrome is one of the least talked about, yet prevalent issues faced by professionals today, but one especially felt by working women. While there are many ways in which it can affect the psyche, it is most often identified as a disparaging internal dialogue, insisting that we are underqualified, unworthy, or unskilled; that our accomplishments are not only unwarranted, but nakedly seen as such by those around us (no matter how much their words or actions may suggest otherwise).