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This is What an Unhealthy Respondent Relationship Looks Like

The relationships we have with our respondents are headed to rock bottom. It’s a problem we’ve been facing for years, but we have the power to fix it. Without changes, however, we’re headed for a very real and very messy breakup.

So, what can be done to build a stronger relationship with respondents? Let’s take a closer look at the root of the problem, and how some of these issues can be addressed.


Don't Get Dumped By Your Survey Respondents

There are some very real issues facing the market research industry due to the less than stellar relationship we’ve had in recent years with respondents. I want to address three areas where we can build a strong, long term relationship with the individuals we rely on for key insights in the industry.

From making a strong first impression to building strong rapport and maintaining high levels of engagement, let’s look at the three areas that should be focused on to address the very real concerns growing in the industry.