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No Secrets in Sample – Learn about InnovateMR’s Philosophy on Quality

There has been some recent buzz about a report entitled, “More Dirty Little Secrets of Online Panels.” This report, like previous ones released by the firm, Grey Matter Research, paints a rather depressing and alarming picture for the sample industry. The report suggested that up to 46% of the sample traffic furnished in today’s surveys should be deemed unacceptable; riddled with programmatic bots and other undesirable behaviors. While we don’t know which panel suppliers were used for this research, the report indicated that 5 of the 10 largest sample companies in our industry were used for the test. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that the title of this report caught my attention and troubled me greatly.


The Importance of First Impressions in Panel Registration

Panel registration requires careful consideration of not only the people you want on the panel, with a keen eye for quality checks and fraud detection from the first interaction, but a strong emphasis on user experience. While it’s more important than ever before to screen and manage the recruitment process, building a strong relationship with panel members is equally important at several steps.