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Pegasus New Feature Release: Feasibility in UK and Canada

Did you know that you can field international projects with Pegasus?  Innovate's DIY Sampling Platform just added new exciting capabilities.  You can now get instant feasibility and pricing in both the United Kingdom and Canada for your sampling needs.  

Our top market research tool also has sample and instant pricing in France, Germany, Italy and India.  Customize your research, tailor your needs, and get faster answers all with Innovate's self serve sampling tool.  Check it out!

Go to the feasibility tab and select country.  


You can see pricing for France, Germany, India and Italy.  Feasibility and pricing are now available in Canada and United Kingdom in addition to United States.


It’s your feedback and suggestions that continue to make Pegasus soar! 

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Amanda Keller-Grill
VP, Global Innovation & Product Strategy

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